How to use a dildo: practical guide

The erotic toys help to know much more the sexuality of the person, makes them enjoy and be more participants in their own pleasure. Within this huge world, we find the dildos, toys that will make you have a great time, whether you want to play alone or as a couple. In this practical guide you will know how to use a dildo and get the most out of your sexual relationships.

shilo silicone dildo

How to use a dildo

The use of a dildo is quite simple, but you have to be acquiring practice, as well as confidence, losing your shyness and enjoying what you do. The first thing you have to do, whenever you are going to use this type of toy, is to lubricate it very well, since only in this way will it be able to give you all the pleasure you are looking for with it.

The ideal is not that you go directly to the action, but play with the dildo, go rubbing it for your body, experiencing the areas in which you are more sensitive, stimulating and checking how you like more. Remember that this is a very intimate act and you need reassurance, do not go in a hurry, especially when you have just started and want to gain confidence and practice. When you have stimulated your most sensitive areas, you can try and know better the type of penetration that you like, taking your time and exploring everything you can do with a dildo. It is interesting this section, since, when having sex with your partner, you will know exactly how you want to touch you or the positions that can give you the greatest enjoyment.

In the case that you have acquired a vibrating dildo, know it before introducing it or use it on your clitoris or your breasts, since, some have a great power and can hurt you, so, before going straight to the point, go Trying it with other areas of your body to get used to the sensation.

On the other hand, we invite you to not only keep it for yourself, but also to include it in your relationships as a couple. Although at first it may seem out of place, when both your partner and you get used to it, you will enjoy the experience much more and it will become a toy that you will always want to have on hand.

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Correct hygiene with dildos

To correctly use these sex toys, you have to keep in mind that they need basic hygiene, both before and after their use. Before you start using them, even when they have just been opened from their packaging, you have to wash them with warm water, in addition to neutral soap. It is very important that this soap is for the use of people and above all, that it will not irritate you later. To dry it, it is preferable to make it outdoors, without cloths or paper, since these can cause remains in the dildo.

It is important that, if the toy works with batteries, remove them before storage, as they can be damaged, and if you opened the battery, you have touched the batteries with your hands and the dildo, we recommend you to wash it again. For your use, you have to use lubricant that has a water base, in this way you will not have allergic problems or irritability or stinging. Once you have used it, you will have to wash it very well with the method that we have exposed you before. It should be noted that a toy is something private and individual (or partner) so, in the case of changing partners, it is recommended that the dildo is not used by this person, especially for hygiene.

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Caution with homemade dildos

Although it may seem strange to us, some people seek to make homemade objects or that they can get in the supermarkets or in the Chinese bazaars homemade dildos, being able to find tutorials and another series of guides for their elaboration. We strongly discourage this practice. The reasons are very clear, and that is that, when we use an object that has not been created for this purpose, it can cause all kinds of allergies, skin irritations or even infections, which can be more expensive than buying a professional dildo .

The professional dildos have all the certificates at European level for their use, and have been tested so that they work perfectly and are safe. They are not expensive products, as we can see in these Diversuales dildos and have some good quality materials, which will not cause skin allergies. On the other hand, you have the guarantee and confidence that these models will not break or create unwanted accidents.

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Types of dildos

In the current market there are a lot of different dildos with which to have fun. For those who want a hidden model that can be stored in any corner, there are silicone or basic. On the other hand, if what you want is to feel something more real, there are the so-called realistic dildos, which have a much more suggestive shape and that even have a touch and a texture that well resemble the male member. As we have spoken at the beginning of silicone, for those who look for more original and different products, there are plastic or glass, giving a totally new feeling and having a design that invites passion.

Finally, for couples who want to enjoy playing at the highest level, they can count on double dildos. These erotic toys can be used for vaginal penetration, as well as anal, making the person reach his climax earlier.